Parent Workshops

Success for Your Child

Children are in school for 1,100 hours each year. Children are out of school 7,655 hours each year. What families do during those 7,655 hours is critically important to their success both now and in the future. Join Melissa Forney for an evening of practical steps that can improve your child's chance of success. This is a hands-on, fun-filled session.


Pieces of the Quilt

Children need to feel a sense of place, of belonging. One of the many ways they define themselves is by identifying their roots and their place in their family. Many children cannot relate to what our society has historically considered a “traditional family.” Family has become those with whom they have loving, caring relationships. Children can define aspects of their future by finding out what those they love have done in the past. Melissa Forney gives memorable, life-changing strategies to help your family bond and to boost the self-esteem of your child.


Reading Roller Coaster

These are just a few of the life-changing facts Melissa Forney presents at her Reading Roller Coaster evening for parents:

1. Children need positive experiences with books to help them form a “bridge” to reading.
2. Children need a background of experiences to help them decode reading.
3. Children learn to read at different rates, at different ages, and in different ways. What is important is making sure they enjoy the process.

Join us for this rollicking evening of ways to weave reading into a variety of family activities.

What's New?


The student paperback edition of The Astonishing Journey of Teddy Bodain is now available in our web bookstore. Follow Teddy on her adventures as she travels into Florida on a covered wagon in 1892.  New friends, new sights, new animals, new family...these are all part of her astonishing journey. Come be a part of this award winning story.

New Material!

Melissa is now offering educational materials on at her new store, Melissa Forney's Teacher Spectacular.

Materials include stimulus texts with writing examples, reader's theaters, reading texts, Paraphrase Pickles, Convention Carrots, Citing Celeries, Powerpoint Presentations, manipulatives, foldables, and FREE materials as well.





Dr. Melissa Forney is a nationally known educational and motivational speaker for teachers, administrators, and students. Her seminars, characterized by cutting-edge information and humorous stories, consistently receive the highest evaluations.

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Listen to "The 12 Steps Cowboy Style" song from her 2011 Summer Conference Series!

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