Mrs. Arellano...a Magic Maker

Last year, I made an amazing discovery on a teaching trip to San Antonio. I was invited to present two days of workshops at Briscoe Elementary and found some of the most outstanding writing from fourth graders I have seen. The samples were posted on one of the bulletin boards in the main hallway. I tracked down the teacher and found María Elena Arellano, a caring, nurturing DREAM of a teacher. Her passionate, motivating style of teaching is legendary at Briscoe. Another teacher told me her daughter had been in Mrs. Arellano’s class and is still talking about what a great teacher she is. Back at Briscoe this year, I asked María Elena her secret. “I simply LOVE teaching writing. I aspire to create a positive, fun-filled, non-threatening writing environment for my students. Once this is established, they feel free to become risktakers. This is where the magic begins.” Now I wish I could transform myself into a fourth grader and spend a year with this incredible teacher. María Elena, the magic comes from YOU.


Ms Arellano

I have had the honor to be placed on her team last year as a fourth grade teacher. She is simply AMAZING! I enjoy watching, listening and learning from her! I have worked at Briscoe for 15 years and have admired her from afar, however, this year I had the honor of seeing it first hand! She is a special teacher! Thank you Ms Arellano for teaching our children and teaching me!

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