Olive Cream Cheese

      This recipe is so simple you could make it blindfolded. Well, almost. Its savory, salty,   creamy goodness tastes terrific on toast, an English muffin, celery, crackers, or…your finger. This stuff almost never goes bad in the fridge, and it’s a great go-to snack or sandwich filler for when you’re in a hurry. The best part is this is a LOW-CARB snack if you eat it on raw veggies. If you eat it on bread, you’re on your own.


 1. Just a few simple ingredients you probably already have, and you’re good to go. You’ll need 8 oz. of cream cheese at room temperature, 1 cup of green olives, a spatula, spoon, mixer, and bowl. See? Simple.

 2. Drain the olives, and mound them up on your cutting board. Just know that one will roll off and under the cabinets. Expect that.

 3. Chop the olives to a rough chop. That’s kitchen talk for “don’t pulverize the olives.”

 4. They will look like this. Nice and green and pretty. Don’t let the red pimentos scare you.

 5. Put your softened cream cheese in a deep bowl.

 6. Whip up the cream cheese with your hand mixer. You can go fast. You can go faster.

 7. Scoop up your chopped green olives…

 8. And put them in the bowl with the cream cheese.

 9. Ta-da!

 10. I like to grind in a little black pepper. Skip this step if you don’t like ground pepper.

 11. Use a spoon to mix it all together.

 12. Taste some to make sure it’s as yummy as I said it is. Realize that I’m right.

 13. Put the mixture in a container for your refrigerator.

 14. Smooth it all down, and with any luck, this will last all week. Maybe.

 15. Spread it on toasted bread, sandwich rounds, or crackers.

 16. Hurry. Just the smell of this stuff will make you jump up and down.

 17. Grab some chicharrónes…you might call these pork rinds…. Our family calls them chi-chis…And use them to dip up the olive cream cheese.

 18.  Call 911 if you need a chaperone. You can also use it to stuff celery, mushroom caps, little sweet peppers, or lettuce wraps.

19. Look how easy!



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