Fluff Versus Diamonds

Join creative writing teacher, Melissa Forney, in this exciting training video for students.

The two unique demonstrations she utilizes challenge students in their choices of the emptiness of "fluff" or the detail-rich "diamonds" in their writing.

This free training video is a preview of the wonderful instructional videos that will soon be available for purchase on this web site.


Video and WritingSuperStars

Hi, Melissa!

I'm a teacher of 3rd grade Gifted students in Pinellas County and had the opportunity to attend one of your workshops two summers ago. (You told me I reminded you of a friend of yours. LOL) I purchased a class set of the Writing Camp series with Adopt-a-Class funds and use the lesson plans you provided us to go along with them. The kids LOVE it!!!!

At our school, Ridgecrest Elementary, we began doing "Writing Days" two years ago. Two before Winter Break and two more before Florida Writes!. The third and fourth grade teachers all pick a skill to teach. The students are mixed up and put in groups that travel to two different teachers. The next Writing Day, they travel to two different teachers. So, they learn four new writing skills. During the next two Writing Days,the teachers all choose a different skill to teach. By the end, the students have seen eight different teachers and learned eight different skills. I use one of the lessons from Writing SuperStars each time. The kids love them and so do the other teachers. In fact, several of them now come to borrow lessons from me.

This video is great - and what a neat way to demonstrate the difference between fluff and diamonds! You can be sure I'll use this for our next Writing Day! Can't wait to see more!

Keep up the great work and thank you for all your help.


Susan Spaulding

Awesome Idea, Susan!

I would love for you to do a write up of your next Writing Day and take pictures. E-mail it to me, and I will feature you as a guest blogger. I love sharing innovative ideas from creative teachers like you!