Razzle Dazzle Plate Chargers!








           This is an inexpensive, razzle-dazzle-sparkle idea for your classroom. I use plate chargers as picture frames for student work, special awards, parent gifts, bulletin-board displays, and class photographs. Plate chargers are in all the discount and craft stores, and right now is a good time to grab some because we’re nearing the holidays. They come in all colors. Many times you can find round and square ones for $0.99, but mine with the scalloped edges were $1.99 at Hobby Lobby.

            Print colored pictures on cardstock paper, and cut out an 8-inch circle. Glue the photograph to the center of the charger. Use inexpensive stickers or paint pens to write a message on the rim of the charger. You can stick these to a display with Velcro tape, or drill two holes in the top and string them with ribbon. Voila! You’re in business. How cute are these? I want them in every color!









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