Perky Pockets...don't leave home without one!


Perky Pockets…you can’t teach without them once you try them. Perky Pockets are bright mini-aprons to hold your stickers, stamps, stars, jewels, sticky-note pads, hole punches, etc., as you walk around your classroom and want to validate or reward students. The idea for Perky Pockets came from my book Primary Pizzazz Writing, and teachers have been asking for them ever since. You can make your own, following the easy-breezy directions in the book, or you can purchase them at Lana's Loving Stiches. Lana Bays, a good friend of mine, has made gorgeous ones for the classroom, and they are the cutest things you’ve ever seen. 



Perky Pockets

Love the perky pockets! I think I'll try to make one using "teacher" material. What a clever idea.
And I love, love, love, love this new website!!!!!

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