3-D Alphabet Cards


         At a recent primary-writing workshop, I shared my 3-D alphabet card idea with the teachers at Pinecrest Elementary in Immokalee, Florida, and first-grade bilingual teacher Kasandra Gallegos took the ball and ran with it. To my delight, she shared these darling pictures of her first-grade students in their word lineups upon my return visit. I felt like dancing the Texas two-step! This is the kind of hands-on, interactive learning all children need for long-term retention.


            To help her students master vocabulary words in English, she made photo FLASHCARDS, engaging her students as the cardholders and actors in the pictures. The children acted out the meanings of the words and did a lot of laughing and congratulating each other. They received sets of the flashcard words to keep at their desks as resources for reading and writing. The best news: Kasandra said EVERY CHILD in her class COULD NOW READ AND SPELL THESE WORDS! This is the kind of Teacher Spectacular we need in all of our bilingual primary classes. Olé! Trabajo bien hecho!



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